Africa is where it all began.

The story of humanity started on this continent, which has birthed great civilizations from the Nile to the Cape.

Africa’s enormous and fascinating tapestry of cultures, people and ecology means that there is hardly ever a shortage of stories on the continent – stories that exemplify courage, grit, generosity, forgiveness, triumph over adversity, survival, hope and great achievement; stories that are rarely told. Some of stories will make you laugh. Others will bring a tear or two to eyes. Most of them will tell you that whatever you’re going through you’re not alone. And yet others will cause you to step out, stand up and take action.

On these pages we bring you extraordinary personal stories from the cradle of humanity. On these pages, we welcome you to immerse yourself in humanity itself by reading stories from where it all began. And we encourage you to embrace and learn from the stories of the African diaspora.

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