Is this Nigerian teen the next women’s golf prodigy?

A single moment can change the trajectory of our lives. For Nigerian Iyeneobong "Iyene" Essien, that moment came when she was just five years old. She remembers the day her dad took her to a golf course in Abuja, where she saw a boy teeing

My music is different

My first album was called "Green Card" and the feeling behind that was that I was living in America and I was supposed to get a green card. So, I called my album Green Card and moved back to Ghana. Since then, all my albums have been

Tamara Walcott: Powerlifting saved me from myself

Tamara Walcott can still remember the first time she set foot in a powerlifting gym: the chalked hands, the strapped wrists, the yells and screams as lifters heaved weights off the floor. As she took in the scene, Walcott's competitive

Love at first sight in Paris

Andye was only in Paris for three days. On day one, she jumped aboard the Metro train that would change her life forever. It was September 2016. Andye, born in Haiti and brought up in the US, was 25 and finishing up a Master's degree in

Climate change is happening faster than we think

Wildfires, floods, droughts, even heatwaves, it's devastating because for each of these crises, there is always a loss of lives and livelihoods. My name is Oladosu Adenike. I am eco-feminist and climate justice activist. I started the

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