The last generation of facial scar bearers in Nigeria

Facial scarification was once popular across Nigeria. Deep cuts, usually on both cheeks or the forehead, were carved on children by families and communities, mostly as a mark of identity. The marks also held stories of pain,

From Kenyan refugee camp to the World Cup

Australian footballer, Awer Mabil has said he owes Australia his very existence after scoring his crucial sudden-death penalty for the country, to qualify for the World Cup. According to the 26-year old, that goal was a thank you to the

The internet has made things a lot easier for me

I personally feel like the democratic nature of the internet has meant that the opinions and ideologies of the so-called gatekeepers - who are mainly white - are null and void. It’s made it a lot easier for people like me, who are of

Zamfara wedding kidnapping escapee recounts attack

A Nigerian couple have put their wedding celebrations on hold after gunmen abducted at least 29 guests travelling home from the ceremony. A survivor told the BBC the groom was "devastated" by the attack. Jafar Kanoma said the

An investor told me to ask black people for money instead

Building a business from scratch is never easy. Building a business from the ground up as a black entrepreneur is 100 times harder. This is especially true in my area: fashion and technology, where there are few black entrepreneur role

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