Mamitu Gashe – The illiterate surgeon

Even as the world acknowledges and celebrates only seven wonders, there are apparently more wonders that happen every day. The story of how 72-year-old Mamitu Gashe became a world-renowned surgeon without any formal or basic education

Why a Somali-born fighter is being honoured in Rome

Rome's city council voted earlier this month to name a future metro station in the Italian capital in honour of Giorgio Marincola, an Italian-Somali who was a member of the Italian resistance. He was killed at the age of 21 by

‘I had to die in order to live’ – Sara-Jayne King

Everyone has an identity, a story, a way to connect with the people who make her family, but for Sara-Jayne King, she grew to realise she was still alive, only because she had died a few years back. Confusing, huh! Young Sara-Jayne King