Flogged for speaking my mother tongue

Nigeria says it wants primary school teachers to conduct lessons in local languages instead of English, which is currently used. But how practical is that in a country where more than 600 different tongues are spoken? Kareem Abiodun

The Senegal man on a mission to plant five million trees

A man in southern Senegal has set himself the ambitious task of planting five million trees over the next five years. This visionary project came to Adama Diémé when he returned home to the Casamance region in 2020 after a few years

Men refused to patronize my services when I started

My name is Precious Joseph. I am 27 years old. I am an orphan, but I have four older brothers. I became orphaned in 2004 at age nine. My education stopped after secondary school. There was no means to further. It actually started like a

He would have killed me

"I was given in marriage at 17, my husband was 35. I didn't love him, he was mean to me. He was beating me, forcing me to sleep with him. He was hurting me a lot. Until I said to myself, enough is enough. I couldn't go on with him. That