69-year-old father of 11 starts university

An Ethiopian father of 11 has become a social media sensation in the country after he enrolled at a university at the age of 69. Orphaned at a young age, Tadesse Ghichile, couldn't continue his formal education after middle school until

Emotional reunion of mother & son after 47 years apart

Nothing beats the love of a mother and the relentlessness of an Eritrean mother to locate her long lost son has finally paid off after they were reunited after 47 years apart. Mussie Kahsay Tesdagergis has been separated from his

Mamitu Gashe – The illiterate surgeon

Even as the world acknowledges and celebrates only seven wonders, there are apparently more wonders that happen every day. The story of how 72-year-old Mamitu Gashe became a world-renowned surgeon without any formal or basic education

Jemal Damtawe: A stowaway survivor’s story

Strolling down the street after school one day, fifteen-year-old Jemal Damtawe never imagined his life was going to change so much he would not even remember civil life anymore. As young teenagers in Ethiopia, Jemal and his friends were