Michaela Coel and the path to Wakanda forever

Michaela Coel doesn’t like to sit still; she’s a self-​described mover, the type to run a half-​marathon in the middle of the night for fun. So I’m not all that surprised when the 35-year-old actor-writer-​director suggests meeting for a

My music is different

My first album was called "Green Card" and the feeling behind that was that I was living in America and I was supposed to get a green card. So, I called my album Green Card and moved back to Ghana. Since then, all my albums have been

James Barnor: Ghana’s photography genius

From crawling babies to ‘cool Constance’, Barnor spent decades capturing his country’s independence and the diaspora experience during the swinging 60s. Alfred Quarshie by the advertising board of the Ever Young Studio, circa 1955.

I own my sexuality

'Right from when I was born, in the hospital, they couldn't tell my gender. They will have to completely unwrap me and take me all around to be able to tell. They will be like , "is this a male or a female?' I am popularly known as

I changed my look so I could fit in

"I do notice that I'm not being myself in the workplace," says Hilda Kwoffie. "I try to tone it down a little bit. You find yourself having to always slick your hair down just to fit in." The 24-year-old from Ghana says she's changed

Poverty taught me determination

As a young, black entrepreneur with few industry contacts, Timothy Armoo, 27 has more than beaten the odds to raise investment, scale and then sell his start-up. He grew up on a council estate in south London and puts some of his

My father taught me these three lessons

My father stands out as a very unique and consistent character in my life story for several reasons. He has always had a mysterious air about him which has only been enhanced by his being a man of few words (most of the time). To