Elizabeth Wathuti: The woman who planted 30,000 trees

Elizabeth Wathuti from Kenya is only 25 years old, but she's already making a name for herself as an environmentalist by helping to plant over 30,000 trees. Deforestation is a growing issue across Africa and Elizabeth is trying to

Wendy Kemunto: Dealing with my rape through music

Kenyan musician Wendy Kemunto also known as Wendy K was gang raped on her birthday by two men. She says one of the biggest issues in fighting sexual violence on the continent is the lack of understanding of consent. She shared her story.

Anne Wafula-Strike pushes for change in disability

Anne Wafula-Strike was the first wheelchair racer from Sub-Saharan Africa to compete at the Paralympics, when she represented Kenya at the 2004 Games in Athens - and has now become a symbol of change, in British society and beyond, as a