Why a Somali-born fighter is being honoured in Rome

Rome's city council voted earlier this month to name a future metro station in the Italian capital in honour of Giorgio Marincola, an Italian-Somali who was a member of the Italian resistance. He was killed at the age of 21 by

Mohamed Moalimu: ‘How I survived my fourth siege’

Former BBC reporter Mohamed Moalimu survived Sunday's siege on a beachfront hotel in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu - the fourth time he has been caught up in an attack by Islamist al-Shabab militants over the last seven years. Moalimu,

Ifrah Ahmed: From powerless victim to powerful role model

As unrest broke out in 2006 in countries neighbouring Somalia, and threatened by the prospect of an arranged marriage, Ifrah Ahmed, who was aged 17 at the time, fled to Ethiopia and secured a ticket to fly out of the country. She found

Edna Adan Ismail: Building a hospital on a rubbish dump

Known and called by many as the 'Muslim Mother Teresa', Edna Adan Ismail has carved a niche for herself as a woman of many firsts, defying odds to do exactly what she wants to do. At an enviable age of 82 years, Edna still works 10 to

Omar Mohamed: ‘Waiting 23 years to see my mum’

No-one wishes to be a refugee and it will most probably be the most difficult thing to experience as a child at the age of four. Unfortunately for Omar Mohamed and his disabled brother, Hassan, they were thrown into a rather harsh