South Africa

Olpha Selepe: The woman who became a pop sensation at 65

When Olpha Selepe told her children she wanted to release her own pop song, they pleaded with her not to. They didn't want to hurt her feelings, but it just wasn't what 65-year-old retired teachers did. Her siblings agreed, urging her

Golda Shultz: ‘I sing with an optimistic outlook’

Classical performer, Golda Shultz is one of a handful of South African opera singers within the world of classical music and opera. She has been praised for her musicality and intelligence for every delightful performance she has ever

Ntando Mahlangu: South Africa’s new blade runner

Ntando Mahlangu is a rising star in athletics in Africa. He went from not being able to walk to Paralympian in just four years. The South African competes as a runner in events from 100m to 800m and fans call him the blade runner. ‘I