South Africa

My son never felt safe and then they shot him dead

On average nearly one person an hour is shot dead in South Africa, experts say. And the lived experience for some on the ground bears out the extent of gun violence. "Every night there are bullets. Shooting, every day," said one

The township kid who took on the gold industry

Here I was, a young attorney. I literally had nothing behind me. The only thing I had is what we call on the Cape Flats: "guts," "tenacity." But also the sense of the deep wrong that apartheid had perpetrated. And no one was really held to

She ran 104 marathons in 104 days after surviving cancer

A woman who took up running after she lost her left leg to cancer has passed the Guinness World Record for most consecutive marathons. Jacky Hunt-Broersma, 46, has run 26.2-miles every day since mid-January, normally taking around five