It takes a brave heart to do what I do

You know, people hate faeces. You need a brave heart to touch somebody else's faeces. My name is Julius Hadison Chisengo and I am a pit latrine emptier. In the beginning, we used to do it manually. You would remove the floor and then

I was nearly raped in a hotel in Zanzibar

It’s high time I told my horrible experience in Zanzibar as a young solo female traveller. This incident happened a year ago in April of 2021 but I haven’t been able to talk about it cause I’ve been in therapy for a year to heal from

‘I was kicked out of school for being pregnant’

Debra from Tanzania is one of many who have been banned from returning to school because they fell pregnant while in school. In 2017 Tanzania’s president John Magafuli banned teen mothers from returning to public schools claiming they

From street hawking to building a successful tech company

Circumstances meant that Edwin Shayo had to sell cassettes on the streets at only 13 years of age. Then, he moved to CDs at 17. But now he runs a successful tech company in Tanzania having chosen a computer over college some few years back.…