The musician drumming up ambition in Kampala’s slums

As day breaks over the heads of the clubbers on a Kampala rooftop, arms are raised in unison as they dance on to the bass-heavy tracks. Florence Lugemwa has only been Dj-ing for a few weeks but had the party going until after sunrise.

Board games helped me find myself

When I started talking about mental health, my brother pulled me aside and said, "You want to tell people you're crazy?" Here in Uganda specifically, that is a big taboo. My name is Emily Banya, co-founder of Utalii Creative. Around

Obituary: Mwai Kibaki

Mwai Kibaki, who has died aged 90, stood at the crossroads of fundamental political change in Kenya, often without knowing the scale of the forces he was helping to unleash. He served as the country’s third president, from 2002 to 2013;

Protesting with the naked female body – Stella Nyanzi

Knowing the powerful effect of nude protests, astute Ugandan academic and activist Stella Nyanzi, resorted to using this medium to express her displeasure in recent years. “I think that my private nudity is my private nudity, but

Evicted for gorillas – Uganda’s Batwa tribe

Losing one's home is nearly tantamount to losing your identity and your sense of belonging and this is exactly how the Batwa people of Uganda feel. Nearly three decades ago, the Batwa were evicted from their ancestral forest homes in a