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Yvonne Connolly: Britain’s first black woman headteacher

When Yvonne Connolly took up a post as headteacher of Ringcross Primary school in North London the British media made quite a fuss. She received racial abuse but did not let the backlash stop her from delivering a good education service to

Mercy Baguma: Ugandan family want answers from UK

The Ugandan family of Mercy Baguma, who died in the UK where she had been seeking asylum, is angry with the British authorities over the investigation into her death. In August, her body was found in a flat in Glasgow near her crying

Anne Wafula-Strike pushes for change in disability

Anne Wafula-Strike was the first wheelchair racer from Sub-Saharan Africa to compete at the Paralympics, when she represented Kenya at the 2004 Games in Athens - and has now become a symbol of change, in British society and beyond, as a

Skin: ‘I refused to play the game’

Night after night in her early teens, Deborah Anne Dyer – known to all as Skin – woke up to memories of the same recurring dream. She was standing on a stage looking out to a crowd in a state of blissful euphoria, screaming into a