Jacqueline Moudeina: ‘I wanted justice’

My husband ran a newspaper that was very critical of Hissene Habré and one day men came to get him. Our house was completely ransacked but my husband and I managed to escape. I left with nothing but a pair of jeans and as we ran we heard

Adwoa Yeboah: ‘I pleaded with the doctors to kill me’

When Adwoa Yeboah and her husband boarded a bus heading home after business meetings in nearby towns, she didn’t know that an ordinary successful day would turn out to be a tragic tale. Adwoa who lives in Ohwimase Hilltop in the Ashanti

The women of Zimbaqua in a job reserved for men

The women of Zimbaqua mine is the first African mine with an all-woman workforce. It was founded to empower women in a male dominated industry. In this mine, women do all the heavy-lifting. “We were oppressed, we were told that mining

Betty Bigombe’s quest to turn war to peace In Uganda

Betty Bigombe, a former Ugandan politician, a peacemaker and a World Bank official is driven in her quest to talk to Africa's warlords in a bid to get them to engage in peace talks. Her most iconic so far, has been talking to Africa’s most

Ifrah Ahmed: From powerless victim to powerful role model

As unrest broke out in 2006 in countries neighbouring Somalia, and threatened by the prospect of an arranged marriage, Ifrah Ahmed, who was aged 17 at the time, fled to Ethiopia and secured a ticket to fly out of the country. She found