Child Soldiers

I want to help other former child soldiers

My name is Morris Matadi and I'm a Liberian former child soldier who participated from the ages of 11 to 20. I can remember that my dad asked me one day at the dinner table who I really wanted to be, and I said I wanted to become an air

Jemal Damtawe: A stowaway survivor’s story

Strolling down the street after school one day, fifteen-year-old Jemal Damtawe never imagined his life was going to change so much he would not even remember civil life anymore. As young teenagers in Ethiopia, Jemal and his friends were

Rebuilding DR Congo through boxing

After many years of war, the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo had to rebuild their country and Balezi Bagunda in his own small way chose to do this with boxing. Setting up his small boxing training centre in Goma, a small town