The township kid who took on the gold industry

Here I was, a young attorney. I literally had nothing behind me. The only thing I had is what we call on the Cape Flats: "guts," "tenacity." But also the sense of the deep wrong that apartheid had perpetrated. And no one was really held to

It’s law till I die – Lawyer Khamniwa

Human rights activist and lawyer, John Khaminwa, has declared his love for law is unstoppable and at 85, he has no plans of retiring. According to the renowned Kenyan lawyer, listening to the problems people bring to him is very

Ugandan man becomes a lawyer to win family land back

A Ugandan man, who was only six years old when his father lost his land in a legal dispute, has finally won it back 23 years later, after becoming a lawyer. Jordan Kinyera went through 18 years of education and legal training before…