Racism haunts black people in Italy

For Italian-Eritrean filmmaker and podcaster Ariam Tekle, there is no doubt that the recent killing of a disabled Nigerian street vendor, Alika Ogorchukwu, in Italy was a "racist murder". This is despite the fact that local police have

I changed my look so I could fit in

"I do notice that I'm not being myself in the workplace," says Hilda Kwoffie. "I try to tone it down a little bit. You find yourself having to always slick your hair down just to fit in." The 24-year-old from Ghana says she's changed

Yvonne Connolly: Britain’s first black woman headteacher

When Yvonne Connolly took up a post as headteacher of Ringcross Primary school in North London the British media made quite a fuss. She received racial abuse but did not let the backlash stop her from delivering a good education service to