My married boyfriend ordered an acid attack on me

My name is Ladi Ishaku. I am 27 years old. I reside in Badirrisa, Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State. I am a student of the Federal College of Education, Yola, nearing the completion of my national certificate of education in

‘Covid ended our marriage’

Around the world, previously happy couples are splitting up and many are divorcing. Some have blamed the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, while others have simply surrendered to the end that a split has been a long time coming.  In

My boyfriend proposed to me on a bus and died that night

How would you feel should your expectations be violated? When your sense of world and control is assaulted?  When the one person you imagined to be yours and could provide you with security is taken away from you for no reason at all? – DBM…

Men die mysteriously after having sex with me

I have been married, three times. I have two kids, with two different late husbands, whom I dearly loved. This is my story: When I was 18 years, I dated this gentleman, who was then, a third-year student, at University of Ghana,…