We can’t do it because we are women

My name is Angela Mugo. I am a software developer. Originally, I wanted to do analytical chemistry, but then when I started to do it, I realised I didn't like it. I wanted to go more into hardware. To work with heavy power, current and

Selamawit Teklay: The beauty queen fleeing war

Selamawit Teklay, Ethiopian beauty queen from the war torn Tigray region narrates her ordeal fleeing her home to seek asylum in the UK. I had a difficult and scary time to reach the UK. I have seen Tigrayan brothers drown in the sea.

I got into ventriloquism because I was actually bullied

The first time I step foot in Africa, I’m married to a king and I have a long-standing road to go ahead for Eti-Oti and our people and I’m just really happy to be here. It’s just like a fairytale that came true. It was actually our