I got into ventriloquism because I was actually bullied

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The first time I step foot in Africa, I’m married to a king and I have a long-standing road to go ahead for Eti-Oti and our people and I’m just really happy to be here. It’s just like a fairytale that came true.

It was actually our humanitarian projects that brought us together. Which was like, to me, it’s a fate from God and being in England was actually a fate from God as well because I was back and forth but it was Covid-19 that kept me there for two years long and within that period, for the humanitarian work that the both of us were doing, that’s when we really decided that were going to marry.

It was an easy adjustment because I have always loved Africa and I’ve always loved Nigeria and then I learned through the transatlantic slave trade, some of even my ways would come from the Yoruba traditions.

Queen Angelique-Monet and her husband

So, it’s been a beautiful adjustment and to be honest, I feel like as long as you’re willing to give to the people, then it makes your job a lot easier.

I’ve always just enjoyed nature and I’ve always just enjoyed the idea of living in indigenous land and making sure that it’s preserved so that part is really beautiful. To see our families, our children, the cocoa here, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and I’ve been to a lot of places.

I got into it (ventriloquism) because I was actually bullied but it was the rare art of ventriloquism that my mother told me and guess what? The bullies became my friends because Gracie the pig they loved and we became friends after.

I would always say to talk. Make sure that they tell someone and remember ‘V is for victory, not victim.’

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