The internet has made things a lot easier for me

I personally feel like the democratic nature of the internet has meant that the opinions and ideologies of the so-called gatekeepers - who are mainly white - are null and void. It’s made it a lot easier for people like me, who are of

I got into ventriloquism because I was actually bullied

The first time I step foot in Africa, I’m married to a king and I have a long-standing road to go ahead for Eti-Oti and our people and I’m just really happy to be here. It’s just like a fairytale that came true. It was actually our

I steal African artefacts from foreign museums

I am a pan-African activist, campaigning for reparations for the crimes against African people committed during colonialism. Recently, I have taken matters into my own hands: I go to museums that exhibit African artefacts; I tell the truth

Eva Sonaike: Bringing homes to life

The scarcity of designs, textiles and accessories with vibrant colours that celebrate African aesthetics is the motivation behind Eva Sonaike’s unique brand. Launched in 2009 in the UK, Eva Sonaike's unique African-inspired products

Dina Ekanga: ‘I want to teach people what art is’

Dina Ekanga is a Congolese artist who makes stunning artwork using nails. But her works of art aren’t just pretty images. She says each nail “represents a pain in life.” “For me each nail represents a pain, a suffering, an ambush or any