Abdula Libenge’s holiday camp dream for his child turns to be a ‘journey of no return’

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Abdula Libenge, a 34-year-old tailor, who happens to be the father of one of four families who sent his child in May 2015 to Kinshasa, the capital of Dr. Congo on what he thought was a holiday camp but the child was taken to Belgium and adopted by a family who had been told she was an orphan.

Abdula Libenge could not get access to legal representation or assistance from local authorities to report the case or do a follow up so all he could do in his power was to wait till their Kingdom Come.

Hundreds of miles north of DR Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, is the village of Gemena. Most people make a living from farming or fishing; others are carpenters or shopkeepers.

A court in Belgium is investigating an orphanage for alleged abduction and trafficking of children from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Children were brought to Belgium and adopted by families who had been told they were orphans. Years later, DNA tests have proved that in some cases they were not.

About two years after Mr Libenge’s daughter disappeared, he received an unexpected visit that would finally shed light on what happened.

Belgian journalists Kurt Wertelaers and Benoit de Freine had got wind of an inquiry beginning into adoption fraud in their country.

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