I feel special to be a very hairy girl

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I had an argument with this guy and he called me “Mr Man”. I felt really bad and then everyone was calling me “Mr Man”. I changed it for him, if you are calling me a man, let’s fight like men.

Hirsutism is a condition where a woman has a high level of androgen and these androgens are male hormones that produce pigmented hairs around places where men usually have them such as the chest, neck and back.

It is kind of really scary because PCOS isn’t something you can just have and then just overlook it. Sometimes, I think “Oh, am I going to be able to have children?”, “When am I going to stop growing or getting bigger?”

Even when I was in secondary school, I’d always make sure I shave every week and then, I’ll have burns on my neck and my mum is always telling me “Don’t stress yourself”.

I think when I started embracing it was after the post I made on Instagram – that was early this year. I’ve always been ashamed of it. A lot of girls reached out to me from different countries talking about their stories, talking about how guys had left them because of their condition and I made friends.

I feel really confident, hearing that I am not the only one experiencing something like this, there are other beautiful women who experience things like this.

I am the only girl that has hair around a lot of people so I feel so special because people are literally looking at me and wondering: “This girl hair”. It’s something that makes me feel unique, wherever I am people notice me.

We should accept ourselves the way we are as women. We are very very very special people. We come in different shapes, different sizes and have different conditions that may be a blessing.

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