I used to be embarrassed to go out

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Well, I just happened to be at the wrong place atthe wrong time.

You know, I was just walking past and a bit popped and landed on my nightdress and it just sizzled because that’s what nylon does.

When I got older, in my teenage years as well, people would look, guys, girls, some people would make fun of me. I just felt weird, I always wondered, why are people treating me like this?

Because my family and friends don’t treat me like this and t made me wonder what’s wrong with me?

I used to be embarrassed to go out, but since I started singing and going out on stage and getting positive feedback from other people, I’ve learnt to hold my head up and just be who I am and just not be afraid to be out there.

You can’t hold me back, I’m just as good as you. That’s to anybody to a visible difference, I hope they feel the same way.

It is a situation that people have to deal with on a daily basis and basically my whole life, I’ve never had any help or support with that, I’ve had to learn to do it by myself.

That’s why, hopefully, people will see me and just not be afraid to be themselves.

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