Nigerian kids build robots to help with household chores

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ays, where kids want to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, seem to be phasing out as these Nigerian kids, Fathia & Oluwatobiloba built robots that can help you fold your clothes and reposition objects.

Yes, Oluwatobiloba Owolola and Fathia Abdullahi, both 12 years of age, identified that cloth folding could be tiring and decided to have a machine do the job.

Owolola, who started coding at age 10, said he found Lego robotics interesting and gave it a go. Abdullahi started coding at age 11, said cloth folding is a big deal in her home as there is always too much to fold after washing. She found a lifetime solution for family and indeed, the rest of the world.

Owolola said he would want to be a robotic engineer when he is of age and Abdullahi has her sight on being a food scientist.

For these brilliant minds, looks like the future is now.

The BBC shared a video of the creative geniuses on their African Twitter page

Source BBC Africa
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