Old age has nothing on the 72-year-old Nigerian model, Segilola Grey

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When Segilola Grey’s son asked her to be his model, she thought it was going to be tough but couldn’t think why she shouldn’t go for it.

The 72-year-old who also goes by Abimbola Olayinka Idowu took Nigeria by storm when a photoshoot she did with her son went viral. Now she models for hair companies who sell hair attachments and other products for other companies.

“It was tough at first but along the line I praise God. I do modeling for people who shoot hair attachments, advertisements for companies and their products. I enjoy it all, I know that it’s good to do it because I can see that many old age people don’t want to do it.”

Segilola Grey stands centre stage in a photo modelling a hair piece

In a profession largely dominated by young people, she works with young people on the regular. What’s her secret to being on top of her game? She laughs and says there’s nothing really to it.

“There’s not much secret to beauty. I don’t do anything to my face and skin. I resemble my mother and my mother remained the same before she passed. So I maintain myself. If I work hard, I relax and rest. I take my normal medicine prescribed by my doctors and that is all.”

“My mother is really beautiful and I think she has good genes. A lot of people have asked me if she works out and all that. I said no because I’ve never seen her work out before,” her son, Tosin added.

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