Queen Ereba: ‘Psoriasis has made me a stronger person’

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Queen Ereba knew she had a calling to share her experience about living with psoriasis. One way she achieved this was to write a book. 

The book which is titled, Psoriasis: Finding Your Light, is for anyone who is going through psoriasis or is going through a dark phase in life.

Queen Ereba herself says she wants others like her to have a guide in life when they go through such experiences, like she did; her support was her family.

But to get to that point was a mental struggle. 

“When the doctor told me that I had psoriasis and that it had no cure, I felt locked in a shell that I didn’t create for myself. I felt my dreams were no longer valid,” Queen says.

She felt that she could no longer live her best life.

When it first appeared on her skin, she said she thought the red patches were a heat rash.

“I just felt like I was having rashes on my skin and of course, every nigerian parent might probably want to try using Funbact-A (an antibacterial cream), Skineal (an antibacterial cream) or any other thing. 

But then I was using it, and the rashes were increasing and increasing and soon it was all over my body, from my head to my toe. There was no part of me that escaped psoriasis.”

It was traumatising for her because as a young girl there were a lot of things she couldn’t do. 

“There were lots of clothes I would love to wear that I couldn’t wear. It shattered my self-confidence.”

“And it made me very much isolated. When it got really bad I had to leave school.”

There is no cure but there are a number of treatments that can improve symptoms and overall appearance of the patches.

“Before now, I usually would use makeup to cover the scars on my face or the flare-ups on my face. And it was terrible because even with the make-up on you coils still see how imperfect my face looked.”

“I was blessed to have so many amazing people around me. That’s the importance of having great people around you. My family never stopped loving me.”

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