He would have killed me

"I was given in marriage at 17, my husband was 35. I didn't love him, he was mean to me. He was beating me, forcing me to sleep with him. He was hurting me a lot. Until I said to myself, enough is enough. I couldn't go on with him. That

Jacqueline Moudeina: ‘I wanted justice’

My husband ran a newspaper that was very critical of Hissene Habré and one day men came to get him. Our house was completely ransacked but my husband and I managed to escape. I left with nothing but a pair of jeans and as we ran we heard

Jacqueline Moudeina: Bringing down a dictator

Chadian born lawyer, Jacqueline Moudeina, had only one focus and desire for becoming a lawyer and that is the one thing that has brought the fame and recognition she enjoys today. 63-year-old Jacqueline Moudeina is popular for having