Temilayo Abodunrin: The 10-year-old Nigerian saxophonist

Temilayo Abodunrin loves music. The 10-year-old Nigerian saxophonist preferred musical toys in her developmental years over any other. Noticing her interests, her parents bought her her first real instrument when she was four years old.

Ifrah Ahmed: From powerless victim to powerful role model

As unrest broke out in 2006 in countries neighbouring Somalia, and threatened by the prospect of an arranged marriage, Ifrah Ahmed, who was aged 17 at the time, fled to Ethiopia and secured a ticket to fly out of the country. She found

Meta Diphoko: My baby was swapped at birth

The most devasting and heartbreaking thing that could ever happen to a mother, will be to find out her child was actually not hers. This is the story of Meta Diphoko whose male child was switched at birth after she had him at the Dr