Temilayo Abodunrin: The 10-year-old Nigerian saxophonist

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Temilayo Abodunrin loves music. The 10-year-old Nigerian saxophonist preferred musical toys in her developmental years over any other.

Noticing her interests, her parents bought her her first real instrument when she was four years old. They got her a keyboard piano.

After learning and performing for various audiences, Temilayo saw another instrument that called to her.

‘I saw people playing the saxophone. I liked that it was gold, shiny and I like the sound.’

‘So I told my parents I wanted one. After a while when they got me one, they also got me a teacher, I started learning at six years old and in no time, I was already playing everywhere.’

Along with showcasing her talent on her YouTube channel, she has performed at weddings and birthdays and has also shared the stage with other musicians such as Johnny Drille, Simi, Olujazz and many others.

She is also the youngest to have graced a TedX stage from Nigeria.

Temilayo has since been working hard towards the release of the music video to her debut single, Ayo.

‘We used a whole day to do it. When we were about to start I was very ready. So we kept on doing it till evening.’

Her single, Ayo which means Joy in Yoruba, she says was created to bring happiness to people while the world lives with the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Right now there is coronavirus and people are sad. So it’s to make everyone happy. No matter what you should always be joyful.’

An inspiration to her peers and beyond, especially those passionate about music, she asks families to take some advice.

‘Everyone has a passion, something they like to do. So I’d like to tell all those who want to do music, children should talk to their parents about what they would like to do and parents, please answer your children so that they can have a better future.’

In the meantime, Temilayo continues to shine and aims to be the best saxophonist in the world.

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