Emerson: Calling out ‘coconut heads’ in Sierra Leone

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Emmerson, a musician from Sierra Leone has called out his nation folk to rise up and make better decisions.

The artiste has just released a new album titled ‘9 lives’ and the one song on the album causing a stir in the country is ‘Coconut Heads.’

‘I have been making music since 2003 and each time I try to address the issues I see around me. I have realised Sierra Leoneans keep complaining about their governments all the time, but we go to the polls every five years and we make the same mistakes. I am just asking us to use our heads and make better decisions this time.’

He says Sierra Leoneans need to make informed and better decisions when it comes to political affairs.

In his song, Emmerson calls out a ‘playstation generation’ which he says is the current generation.

‘I see some of them also trying to work hard, but the majority just sit behind their playstation games and play all day. I am just asking them to wake up and effect change. They also need to be responsible for the country as well.’

Does Emmerson risk being understood by his people? Will they understand and appreciate the rationale behind his music and not simply assume he is trying to insult them for being empty headed?

Listen to his song below and decide for yourself;

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