Flogged for speaking my mother tongue

Nigeria says it wants primary school teachers to conduct lessons in local languages instead of English, which is currently used. But how practical is that in a country where more than 600 different tongues are spoken? Kareem Abiodun

69-year-old father of 11 starts university

An Ethiopian father of 11 has become a social media sensation in the country after he enrolled at a university at the age of 69. Orphaned at a young age, Tadesse Ghichile, couldn't continue his formal education after middle school until

Chrissy Teigen paying my college fees was life-changing

By my late 20s, I’d hit a point in my life when I was feeling lost, struggling to find work, and had to move back home with my family. I’d tell all my friends I didn’t know what to do. One of them reminded me that I’d always loved beauty:

Yvonne Connolly: Britain’s first black woman headteacher

When Yvonne Connolly took up a post as headteacher of Ringcross Primary school in North London the British media made quite a fuss. She received racial abuse but did not let the backlash stop her from delivering a good education service to

Comedian MC Jessy bags degree

Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes you just might find it while you are not looking. Celebrated comedian MC Jessy became the talk of the town on Saturday, June 29 when he finally bagged a degree from Daystar University. The…