Joel Karekezi: Healing from genocide through movies

Life in Rwanda in the 1990s was greatly distorted with the start of the genocide that saw the killing of well over 800,000 people in the country. Film director, scriptwriter and producer, Joel Karekezi had the unfortunate pleasure of

Denise Uwimana: ‘I gave birth during a genocide’

The 1994 Rwanda Genocide was nothing short of a horror. Nearly a million Tutsi men, women and children lost their lives and an estimated 500,000 women were raped at the hands of Hutu militants. They despised the Tutsi majority and

Genocide survivor walks Rwanda for 100 days

A Rwandan genocide survivor touring all 30 of the country's districts says he has been struck by the kindness of the people he has encountered on the way. Hyppolite Ntigurirwa is halfway through a 1,500km (932 mile) "peace walk", marking…