How I survived Kaduna train hijacking and captivity

Nigeria's reopening of a vital high-speed train link nine months after an audacious hijacking is bringing back traumatic memories for some of the survivors, who are struggling to recover from their ordeal. Gunmen mined the track between

I was trafficked, turned to sex slave at age 14

I am from Effoi, in the Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. I am 17 years old, an orphan who stopped school in SS2. The man’s name is Okon and the incident happened in 2019. I was 14 years old at the time. I met the man on

Zamfara wedding kidnapping escapee recounts attack

A Nigerian couple have put their wedding celebrations on hold after gunmen abducted at least 29 guests travelling home from the ceremony. A survivor told the BBC the groom was "devastated" by the attack. Jafar Kanoma said the

Samuel Abdulraheem: Kidnapped by beggars for six years

At the tender age of seven years, little Samuel Abdulraheem went missing from his home in northern Nigeria and his family had no idea what had happened to the young boy. Samuel Abdulraheem was the last child of six children, and right

Meta Diphoko: My baby was swapped at birth

The most devasting and heartbreaking thing that could ever happen to a mother, will be to find out her child was actually not hers. This is the story of Meta Diphoko whose male child was switched at birth after she had him at the Dr

The boy abducted to guide blind beggars in Nigeria

Samuel Abdulraheem has no recollection of the day he was abducted, aged seven, from his family home in the northern Nigerian city of Kano. Although he came from a large family - his father had 17 children by four wives - Samuel was on…