Missing people

How a selfie revealed Miche Solomon’s true identity

On a day in 2015, the school day started out as just any other. Miche Solomon had just commenced a new academic year; new students also wandered the corridors of the school navigating their new environments. As Miche stood, she

Samuel Abdulraheem: Kidnapped by beggars for six years

At the tender age of seven years, little Samuel Abdulraheem went missing from his home in northern Nigeria and his family had no idea what had happened to the young boy. Samuel Abdulraheem was the last child of six children, and right

Meta Diphoko: My baby was swapped at birth

The most devasting and heartbreaking thing that could ever happen to a mother, will be to find out her child was actually not hers. This is the story of Meta Diphoko whose male child was switched at birth after she had him at the Dr