Alexandra Wilson: ‘Why I became a lawyer’

Alexandra Wilson is a young black British barrister changing the face of Britain’s legal system.  Growing up, she never knew any lawyers but one day, after hearing the news that one of her close friends had been murdered by two black

Nigeria’s viral ballet dancer wins a US scholarship

Anthony Mmesoma Madu is known as Nigeria’s viral ballet dancer. When a practice video was posted on social media by the academy the 11-year-old dances for, Anthony did not expect anything from it but to review his skills in order to

John Bunn: Words saved my life

John Dwayne Bunn, a 43-year-old African-American loves his books. His all-time favourite is Sister Souljah’s ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’ where a mother advocates for the improvement of her black community as she witnesses losing her loved

Nathi Mankayi: Music liberated me from prison

As far as success stories of prisoners-turned-pop stars go, it’s not everyday a story about such a person comes from Maclear, a rough town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. But Nathi Mankayi, a top-selling recording artist rose to