100-year-old death-row inmate released in Nigeria

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A 100-year-old death row inmate dubbed ‘Nigeria’s oldest prisoner’ has been released from jail after receiving a state pardon.

We reported about the attempts to free Celestine Egbunuche last year.

He had spent over 18 years in prison after being found guilty of plotting a murder.

Egbunuche was met outside Enugu state maximum security prison by his daughter and the representatives of Global Society for Anti Corruption, an NGO who campaigned for his release.

“I’m so grateful to God for this day,” his daughter Chisom Celestine told the BBC.

“I’m the happiest human being on Earth,” Ms Celestine said.

Egbunuche, who suffers from health problems including diabetes and failing eyesight, is currently in hospital for observation, but there is concern about what will happen to him next.

His daughter says she does not have the means to take care of him.

Whilst he was in prison, he was being care for by his son Paul, who was also jailed on the same murder charge. He did not receive a pardon and remains in jail.

The state government who pardoned Egbunuche has been replaced by a new administration and it is not clear, what, if any assistance they will offer him.

Source BBC Africa
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