AY Poyoo: The ‘GOAT’ hitmaker from Ghana

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AY Poyoo, an internet sensation, is one of Ghana’s all-rounded entertainers and he calls himself the GOAT, greatest of all time. As a full-time entertainer he raps and he acts.

His official release of ‘GOAT’ hit in the country and across the world and it is very distinctive from other comical sounds that have been produced.

“I needed something that will let me blow. I needed something catchy for people to vibe with the GOAT song I dropped. So I asked myself, ‘I am the GOAT, I am the GOAT, should I add a [bleating] sound because a goat is an animal?” He decided to polish the song with the sound a goat makes.

With the song reaching 1,400,000 views on YouTube, AY Poyoo, who’s name is Emmanuel Yeboah as well, says he’s overjoyed by how far the song has such a widespread audience.

“I didn’t expect that level but right now it has automatically changed my life because I have got international recognition. When people ask for money I just show them one picture [and say] I don’t have money but I have comments from Snoop Dogg on Instagram.”

AY Poyoo’s rise to fame is a result of the hard work he put in. But people he surrounded himself with before he became famous, said he would never make it as an entertainer.

“Before I became popular people didn’t believe in me. My family and friends told me to find a better job to do. They were telling me music and comedy will not take me far, it doesn’t pay.”

He showed it is possible. Now, he gives back to his community and children who share the same background as he did. Recently, he donated some items to an orphanage.

“After my video reached one million views on Youtube I decided to share the revenue generated. I did it because I am from a poor background and even the little that we have, we are used to sharing it and I feel the pain they are in. I love giving and it’s not ending here.”

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