David Bolton: Singer turned chief shares how he juggles his all important roles

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If you’ve heard of David Kwamena Bolton, you’ve either seen him on your screen performing one of his reggae love songs or dishing details on who he is in a TV interview. Well, he’s also a businessman in technology and an installed traditional chief in his home country of Ghana.

David Bolton who takes his inspiration from both his parents, lives and thrives on one piece of advice his father gave him before his father passed away.

“Ask no questions and be told no lies, that was something he used to say all the time. It was one of those things, those really odd sayings that only after he passed away it kind of all made sense. 

Basically focus on your own life, don’t be too worried about what people think of you and what people will judge you by. Focus on planning your own happiness. I try to embody him in my songs.”

David Bolton says he is always grateful for the way his father always encouraged him. His mother he says, was also equally enthused about his career in music and is always on the lookout for his next release.

Though, a particular group of people in his life, expressed concern over his role in the show business industry.

“I had quite a few elders of my town who were not happy that I was singing at all because as a chief you’re not supposed to be an entertainer and it took quite a bit of convincing. 

What happened was they actually saw me on a TV programme performing and they were up in arms. They called a meeting and said ‘no no you can’t be doing this, you’re our king. This is a big disgrace.

“I explained to them that this is what I was doing before you installed me and this is my passion and I don’t think it’s bringing disrepute. I told them I’m not singing about anything explicit. 

I try to have positive messages in all of my songs. It took awhile but they eventually understood or you could say, accepted it.”

David Bolton continues to make his music and has collaborated with other artists in Ghana like Samini on popular song, Odo Fofro.

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