I ended up with a Royal after two failed marriages and four children

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I’m seriously flooding your timelines

A lot of people said “Ewa you should have stayed with Christal… You should have managed and endured, husband is hard to find oooo…”

“Managed and endured what exactly? ”

Managed & endured a marriage with an unrepentant cheat, who was constantly sleeping with random prostitutes and even got hooked down with one of them?

You expect me to have stayed with a man who was constantly exposing me to all sorts of STDs?

A man whose definition of a woman is someone who takes sh*t and covers her mouth with money?

I know my worth.

I won’t stoop so low to fight for a man who has no sense of respect for the union of marriage.

I won’t drag myself into a drama with a street girl over a grown ass man who has made his choices.


I knew my chances of getting married again was slim according to world’s statistics.
But I also knew I was worth more than the BS.

I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t afraid to take a chance with love.

How did I end up with a single man, a Yoruba Royal blood — never married, never had kids and yet his family accepted me with my 4kids and gave me a Royal Wedding?

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