I’d rather help my customers stay healthy than make money

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The reason I was named Emama Fishka (Mama Whistle) was because there was a cholera outbreak in 2016 and I was screaming at people who wanted to eat without washing their hands.

First, I use this whistle then I warn them with this yellow card. If they refuse, I give them the red card, after that, they’ll be kicked out. I warn them, give them the red card and kick them out.

Let me tell you something, wash your hands with soap and see what comes out. You will be disgusted with your hand. I’d rather help my customers stay healthy than make money.

Washing of hands is a must. If not, don’t come.

In  2018, I would her all the youngsters saying ‘Dr. Abiy, Dr. Abiy’. I would ask them what they were talking about because I didn’t know who he was then. Then I saw him taking power from his predecessor Hailemariam Desalegn. For the sake of the youth, I came up with a dish called ‘Dr. Abiy and Lemma Megersa special, ambassadors of peace’.

I didn’t know he was coming. Abiy was sitting outside. I brought the food from the kitchen calling his name. He said to me that he heard that I wished he tried the food. I said. “I did but it didn’t happen”. Then he took his face mask off and I fainted when I saw him. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It’s not about money, I got massive respect.

“I have been a customer of Imama Fishka for a long time.  She’s a unique woman. She’s trying to do this at the age of 80. Her food is delicious, her attitude towards cleanliness is so good. Naming dishes with something specific makes them popular. If you see it from a marketing perspective, it’s a genius idea. It’s unique, you don’t see it elsewhere,” a customer said.

Everything is in our hands. We are the ones to protect ourselves from diseases. We shouldn’t wait for the government to keep our houses and neighbourhoods clean.

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