My client tricked me with a job offer and beat me up with his thugs

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Yesterday was indeed a day I will never forget in a long run .

“I received a call from a client as about 10am in the morning to bake a wedding cake that he wants to see me personally before transferring the money into my account to ensure he is not being scammed.

“I said okay let’s go there cos it was a mouth-watering job I quickly bath and left to see him in Iyanoba cos I stay in Iyanopaja which was just 200 away from where I m .

“When I got to the bus stop I called the man he then said he was coming I waited for like 5min soon he arrived he was even a young guy he called my name Stephen right I said yes all of a sudden a group of guys came out from d car also and called my name at this point I was already afraid like how will all this ppl no my name not like av met them before or anything.

“They said I should cooperate that if I don’t I will get it the hard way.hmmm as a smart boi I had to cooperate we drove for almost 2hours to an unknown uncompleted building they stripped me naked and asked me to read out some scripted lines of which they made a video of me while naked.

“They took my ATM and sent someone to withdraw every single dime I had. After which they collected my Techno phone and gave me the beating of my life. I was not even strong enough to move after the beaten.

“Afterwards I was taken to the car and luckily for me they dropped me on the same spot where I took my first bus heading to there location “Iyanopaja Bustop “

“I was left with nothing I begged few ppl to help me out with transportation of which they all refused. A kind guy finally agreed to carry me to my house @agorfoty estate Iyanopaja with his Okada and later paid him afterward.

“I just want you all to join me and thank God for sparing my life yesterday. I thought yesterday would be the end of my life.”

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