My music is different

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My first album was called “Green Card” and the feeling behind that was that I was living in America and I was supposed to get a green card. So, I called my album Green Card and moved back to Ghana.

Since then, all my albums have been hard and each has been of significance. With ‘White Card’, it’s just a white slate. A blank space for artistic freedom and I feel it is my most personal album and my most artistic album to date – so White Card because of that freedom.

For my personal music journey, I have always looked for other sounds from what is mainstream. However, when there are other projects, say when I have to feature on a Joey B song, that will be more in the vain of Afropop or Afrobeat or Hiplife.

But for my personal creations, I never start from a popular genre. Yeah, maybe I have done it once or twice but it is never my default.

I feel the LGBTQ bill in parliament in Ghana has a high chance to be passed, but then the hope on the other side of the bill is that, if it does pass, Ghanaians will realise how oppressive this bill will be to all of us.

Ghanaians or Africans are not inherently homophobic. this is a new phenomenon of just a few hundred years. Quite recently it has been amplified by poverty and extreme signs of religion. So, I can’t address my opinions about the bill directly because..their minds are set.

Wanlov the Kubolor, is a prolific artist from Ghana who talks about how the application process for a Green Card in the United States inspired his latest album ‘White Card: The Activist’. But behind Wanlov’s music inspiration there is also a fervent activist spirit.

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