Nguuma Abel Gbuusu: My grass to grace story

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I’ve battled with this post but I’ve decided to share it- hoping I encourage someone, and in no way am I boasting.

The bike is what I met my husband with. He will pick me on it and take me round town. See, he was a graduate but was a road side welder making iron doors, chairs, tables and burglary proofs ( I was also also a graduate ).

I have always been plus size, so imagine me seating on this love jet with no back seat around town. On Sundays, he will borrow his younger brothers jincheng and take me to Mr Biggs and buy me ice cream, then drop me home and thank me for making his day! ?
I told him God forbid that I marry a poor man, but I liked him! So we continued. Then he bought a bus, then a golf, that I would have to push to start sometimes,or in d middle of d road, car will stop n he will start repairing car with me there o.

I was embarrassed, but me I liked d guy, and he was hard working n good to me. He will always tell me to trust him, he will use d rest of our lives to reward me for taking the risk in marrying him.

Thank God for my mother that always told me never to laugh at a hard worker, so I stopped looking down on him.

See, My husband is so brilliant! He bought a car Engine and converted to a generator, then got tired of d generator and converted it back to a car Engine. There is no spare part of a car he can’t fabricate, no not one!

So I knew he will blow, but honestly, I had no idea when that would happen. Never would I have thought that he will buy me a car in d next at least 2 years. (We have been married for close to 4 years now)

Well, 3 weeks ago, to mark his birthday, he bought me this state of d art car (picture below)parked it in front of our house, snapped it n sent to me. He used 3 weeks to beg me to accept it cos i was beefing him (yes, I’m spoilt, I know )

He thoughtfully looked into specifications to suit my size, height, battle d heat flushes I have, car fridge cos I drink a lot of water, and a lot more.
Pls help me thank my husband Engr Abel Gbuusu , I’m grateful.

Sis, if d guy hustles, and is good to u, go for him. Your ticket won’t cut, I assure u!

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