Michaela Coel and the path to Wakanda forever

Michaela Coel doesn’t like to sit still; she’s a self-​described mover, the type to run a half-​marathon in the middle of the night for fun. So I’m not all that surprised when the 35-year-old actor-writer-​director suggests meeting for a

I changed my look so I could fit in

"I do notice that I'm not being myself in the workplace," says Hilda Kwoffie. "I try to tone it down a little bit. You find yourself having to always slick your hair down just to fit in." The 24-year-old from Ghana says she's changed

An investor told me to ask black people for money instead

Building a business from scratch is never easy. Building a business from the ground up as a black entrepreneur is 100 times harder. This is especially true in my area: fashion and technology, where there are few black entrepreneur role

Expanding beauty standards through inclusivity

I am originally from Nigeria but I came to the UK for my masters degree and just being in the UK, I realized there is a heavy focus on what was socially acceptable at the time, 'skinny women.' I realized at the time that plus-sized

Eva Sonaike: Bringing homes to life

The scarcity of designs, textiles and accessories with vibrant colours that celebrate African aesthetics is the motivation behind Eva Sonaike’s unique brand. Launched in 2009 in the UK, Eva Sonaike's unique African-inspired products

Have you met the most stylish man in Africa?

Fashion they say as an art is a careful expression of an individual's mood and personality well James Maina Mwangi from Kenya can be said to be the most expressive man on earth. If you do not have the accurate sense of attraction to