Akua Dela: ‘My husband strangled me as I prepared for church’

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It’s been on my mind to share this on abusive marriage. I am a victim and it was my very own husband who strangled me from behind as I was preparing for Palm Sunday Mass last year. Reason he did that, till date I best don’t know. But even in pain, I remembered hearing him say ‘he only wants to eliminate me from this world [for no reason at all].

I told my Church president, the vice and marriage counsellor immediately I got to church. He was called but never answered. I never concentrated at Mass till we closed because I was tearing so much. I couldn’t call my mum because she wasn’t so well upon visiting her.

I had to call my aunt in US to break my long silence to her. We spoke for over three hours and she kept tearing likewise me. Within four days after speaking with my aunt, my mum called that she needed to see me apparently my aunt broke the news to her. I rushed home and upon seeing me she started weeping so much.

She saw me wearing a collar because the scan showed I had a shift in my neck nerve, I had to correct the shift. I had 2 of them. Soft and hard and those who ever wore it could attest how uncomfortable it was too. One for sleeping and the other for sitting. My aunt within a week, booked a flight home.

He was no where to be found.

Still begging not to put him behind bars. I know some friends and family members saw me in collar but told them it was my bad sitting posture at work. Please forgive me for lying about the collar. I never reported this to the Police but some close friends from school (all names with held) knew and I begged them not to involve any higher authority.

I know some people will be damn surprise reading this today but that’s LIFE. We learn from our mistakes and move on. I have to be strong for my mum and daughter(s) each day. They both look up to me.

God bless all women especially those going through abusive marriages, broken hearts and the rest. It is not easy [at all]. The next time you see me in collar, please do not ask why I am in it. I won’t mind you.

God grant Barbara, a peaceful rest.

I can’t watch the video so no one should tag me again please. I beg of you in the mist of all I am going through, I still smile because I have a beautiful heart.

Barbara Tommey was murdered by her husband, Sylvester Ofori who is a self-styled priest and led a church called Floodgates of Heaven in Orlando, Florida. He was charged with first-degree murder with a firearm, according to Orlando police.

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