I started taking pictures when I was 4

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My name is Moyinoluwa Oluwaseun. I’m 7 years old, I take pictures.

We a person is taller than me or there’s a group of people ad e, I’m too short. All I need to do is just climb on a chair to take from their head to their feet.

I started taking pictures when I was four but I started with a camera when I was 2. Sometimes, we go to school, come back early to go and take the pictures. I don’t get distracted at school.

My sister is my assistant; my mentor is my dad.

“Allowing her to do photography, she must do well at school. Because she knows that if she doesn’t do well at school, we won’t allow he to do photography, she takes her education very seriously,” her father said.

“I’m so happy that she is an inspiration to other children, other kids and even to adults,” says Moyinoluwa’s mum.

If they say you cannot do it, show them that you can do it.

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