Shameful airline booking tricks, Africa World Airlines in the mix

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1. I went to the AWA office at Kotoka Airport this afternoon to purchase a Monday morning 9am ticket to Kumasi.

2. After a very long non-business related chat with another customer, one of the six Client Officers took my details and booked me for 9am flight at GHC 249.00 which I had chosen.

3. Five steps from the counter, I checked on the ticket to ensure everything was in order. Lo and behold, the lady booked me for 11.20am. I went to her to correct her mistake.

4. Out of nothing, she began moving up and down pretending to be so busy. After constant reminders in 20mins, she asked me to leave my email and that she’d forward it later. Not wanting any drama on Monday morning, I preferred leaving the premises with the corrected ticket.

5. She got back to me saying the 9am ticket was now GH 399.00, instead of the earlier commicated GH 249.00. I immediately asked her to cancel the booking and refund my money.

6. As her colleague asked her what the issue was, she narrated a totally different story from what had happened in Ga. I immediately told her to STOP lying in Ga too. I took my money and went to book at Passion Air.

Initially, I thought the Client Executive committed a genuine mistake. As things unfolded, I realized it was a deliberate ploy to put me on a flight at a time when patronage is low.
The marketing and sales tricks employed by companies to outwit UNSUSPECTING CLIENTS is SHAMEFUL and must stop.

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