Unseen works by one of Madagascar’s greatest photographers make waves

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Previously unseen portraits of ordinary people and everyday life on the island are going on show in Madagascar’s capital decades after they were taken.

They are the work of known as Emile Rakotondrazaka, who was regarded as the grandfather of Malagasy photography.

This is the first major exhibition of his work since he died in 2017, and it documents the post-independence era from the 1960s onwards.

Emile Rakotondrazaka with his camera

Here is a taste of some of what’s on show at the Hakanto Contemporary art space in Antananarivo.

Sunset reflections in Soavinandriana
Portrait of a fisherman in Fenoarivo Atsinanana
The little girl from Lake Alaotra
Bessa sy Lola, Horombe, Ihosy
Solar eclipse in Antananarivo
The two faces of Lac Anosy
Self-portrait, number 3
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