The Nigerian AI artist reimagining a stylish old age

Artworks generated by artificial intelligence (AI) have become a source of controversy, but Nigerian filmmaker and artist Malik Afegbua is making a case that it can challenge us to create a better real world - and a more stylish one for

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In 1969, with a civil war raging, global football's biggest star arrived in Benin City as part of a visit that would change Nigerian football forever. Those involved still remember the occasion vividly. "It was all about Pele. Before

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Meandering through the bustling traffic in Nigeria's main city, Lagos, Oyewumi Azeez Olawale makes his way to a visa appointment. Just a year ago, the Nigerian medical student was scrambling to find safe passage out of Ukraine after the

Meet Cambridge University’s youngest black professor

Diagnosed with autism and global development delay in his early years, Jason Arday was unable to speak until he was 11 years old and could not read or write until he was 18. Now aged 37, he is about to become the youngest black person ever

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When Cedrick Fogwan had his first encounter with the goliath frog he was impressed by its mighty proportions. Growing to the size of a cat, it's the world's largest living frog. Almost like holding a (human) baby, he says, having